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When it comes to finding the perfect gemstone,trust only the best. We at 9ratna not only promise you authentic, certified gemstones, but also bring you a galore of magnificent designs to choose from. Because, we take pride in delivering exclusivity and choice. At our showrooms, you can find an extensive selection of precious stone rings and lockets set in a variety of metals like, silver, gold and platinum. Masterful cuts add definition to these precious stones,making them catch the light and your eyes.


also known as Manik, has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. Know More


It is synonymous with elegance, calm and sheer beauty. It symbolizes the power of moon which in turn signifies softness, generosity, mind, family, beauty and motherhood. Know More


they are organic gemstones. It is symbol of blood and perseverance. Know More


It symbolizes hope, future, renewal and growth. It is for good luck and wellbeing. Know More


It brings wisdom and prosperity, as well as stimulates the intellect. Know More


The diamond is a crystal of light. It symbolizes perfection, love and fidelity, and embraces strength of character, ethics, and faithfulness to oneself and others.Know More


In all its celestial hues, it is a stone of wisdom and royalty. It is considered the gem of gems. Know More


also known as Garnet or Gomedh. It protects the wearer from negative vibes and energies. Know More


It symbolizes liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, enlightenment and wisdom.Know More

Gemstones are precious and semi-precious piece of marine crystals used as a whole, uncut or in polished form in different types of jewellery. Gemstone comes in unique rainbow colours, each of them having different historical background and beauty. They look amazingly beautiful, the spark and the shine holds subtleness and looks mesmerizing on both men and women. Each gemstone holds different colour, origin and history. As a custom or belief gemstones are worn, they are according to the sun sign, each gemstone has specific sun sign, which brings prosperity. Each gemstone was discovered in different parts of the world, somewhere know before the history began and few were discovered later.

There are a variety of gemstone like -

Garnet is a red colored stone and it is said to be the night partner as it protects from the nightmare.

Amethyst is the birthstone of pieces of the February month. According to Indian astrology this stone is connected to Planet Saturn it is believed that getting the stone can help magnify the benefits harvested from the planet and also protect the individual from the negative effects of the Shani.

Diamond is the most famed and fabled of all gemstones. Its durability, rarity, and sparkling fire makes it the most prized gemstone, no gemstone contains as much as allure and interest as a Diamond does.

Emerald is green in colour and symbolizes love and rebirth. The deeper and more vivid the colour of green the more valuable it is. A beautiful emerald exhibit intense Blue hue in addition to the basic bold green colour.

Zircon is a light blue or sky blue colour gemstone also available in beautiful earth tones of green, dark red, yellow, brown and orange it is the most adorable piece of a gemstone.

Turquoise the most old and popular gemstone for centuries. It has different shades of blue or blue-green colour and sometimes they have an intricate spider web pattern. This beautiful stone attributes healing power promotes wealth and also protects from evil and brings good luck
Tourmaline is available in different rainbow colours. It is also known for displaying several colours in one gemstone. It is known for strength, tolerance, happiness, flexibility and companionship.

Topaz is available in different yellow, brown, honey, green, blue, red and pink and sometimes no colour at all. And for thousands of year topaz has conjured thoughts of opulence, luxury influence, generosity, vibrancy and strength.

Tanzanite is blue to dark blue gemstone. It reflects the energy of the sky, it marks the beginning of life and emotion. It is said to strengthen the immune system detoxify the blood and improve vitality.

Spinel known as the daughter of ruby. It is has pink hue and a beautiful rich red colour, it is also found in hot pink and orange colours. Believed to protect the owner from harm to reconcile differences and to soothe away sadness it is the true appeal of richness brilliance in colour and affordability
Sapphire or wisdom stone, comes in different shades of blue, purple and violet blue. Sapphire represents promise of honesty, loyalty, purity and trust. It releases mental tension depression unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion.

Ruby or rubellite comes in the combination of vibrant pink ruby red colour. Its vibrant colour t reflects passion, energy and life and is believed that it helps to bring emotional balance and calm.

Peridot exists in yellowish green to brown, bright lime green and olive green. It has different healing properties and protects against nightmares.
Pearl is smooth and round in shape. It comes in pale tint of off-white to light rose pink. It signifies calm, peace, intelligence, honesty and purity.

Waman Hari Pethe has the entire range of these beautiful gemstone varying in different colours. So go now and choose the gemstone that suits you.

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